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& Other Stories

International Women's Day Campaign 

Director of Photography: Adam Perez + Bethany Mollenkof 

Executive Producer: Johan Wilde

Producer: Pepper Studios

PART 2 – The friendship丨The the L.A. City Municipal Dance Squad & Other Stories

PART 2 – The friendship丨The the L.A. City Municipal Dance Squad & Other Stories

The squad is excited for next week’s big dance night, and we join them at rehearsals. Angela explains the importance of female friendship. The L.A. City Municipal Dance Squad is a group of eleven women creating a community around dance, committing to challenge themselves and all of us to be bold and explore our weird sides. In our co-created miniseries, we follow the squad as they take over a nightclub to let loose in a way they’ve never done before. “To us, dance is about allowing yourself to unleash however your body and brain truly want to move.” Get more of the squad at Psst… Go and share your own dancing story on #dancingstories! Step 1: Set up your camera, put on your greatest song and let your body do the rest. Step 2: No one has ever danced like you just did. Make sure you share that at #dancingstories. Step 3: Your story is now a part of #dancingstories and the movement for unshackled self-expression! & Other Stories is a one-stop styling destination that offers ready-to-wear, shoes, bags, jewellery, accessories, lingerie, beauty and stationery. Established in 2013, with design studios in Paris, Los Angeles and Stockholm, & Other Stories invite women over the world to get inspired, enjoy themselves, and create their own personal styling stories. @andotherstories @lamunicipaldancesquad #dancingstories #andotherstories
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